2012, Ireland. Conclusions and Achievement

Ireland. ECGFF Family Photo

Conclusions and Achievement agreed by the participants at the 4th plenary Conference of the Heads of Coast Guard functions of the EU and associated Schengen countries.

Dublin Castle 22nd August

The Conference noted

  • The work of the Irish Chair and 2011/2 secretariat in bringing the work of the Forum to its current position
  • the need to assess how resources and data can be shared more effectively (e.g. joint use of assets for major operations, access to common tools and data)
  • that agencies responsible for coast guard functions can develop shared and inter-operable common working methods gained through training, guidelines, best practise, etc
  • the need to strengthen existing regional cooperation structures/initiatives for the further development of Coast Guard functions at a EU level
  • that cooperation is not possible without effective information exchange mechanisms and interoperability including integrated maritime surveillance

The Heads confirmed

  • the final Terms of Reference of the Forum
  • the Flag and logo of the Forum
  • the composition of next year's Secretariat and the proposal on future Chairs
  • that the Forum provides an excellent platform to enhance sectoral and cross-sectoral cooperation, exchange best practices and promote dialogue at international, national and regional level and recognises the need for enhanced collaboration between authorities to manage threats and better implement the maritime aquis
  • that enhancing maritime safety and security requires good governance at sea to which all coast guard functions across borders and sectors should contribute
  • to support the goal of securing further funding for the objectives of the Forum under various EU initiatives including the European Maritime Fisheries Fund
  • that the building of trust and understanding amongst maritime authorities and the setting of common objectives is a key to interoperability -not only at internal MS level: but also at EU level
  • to explore further the possibility of the participation of the Secretariat in tailored projects/studies involving end-users from MS and/or EU Bodies
  • that the Hellenic chair supported by the Secretariat will assist the European Commission and its Institutions on the EUCG Feasibility Study

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