Finnish Chairmanship 2014/2015


Dear Admiral Felicio Angrisano,

Dear Heads of the Coast Guard Functions of the Europe,

Representatives of the European Commission and its Agencies,

Colleagues and friends,

At this point I would like to express my warmest thanks to Admiral Felicio Angrisano, Italian Coast Guard and General Saverio Capolupo, Guardia di Finanza and their staff for excellent work done during Italian chairmanship 2014. Also, I would like to give my special thanks to Admiral Nicola Carlone for running the plenary conference excellent way and the secretariat for a well done job during the chairmanship.

Dear colleagues and friends, I want to thank you all for this given trust to have the chairmanship of the ECGFF in 2015. It is a great honor, for me personally, and for the Finnish Border Guard.

This chairmanship will be one of the most important missions that the Border Guard will perform in 2014-2015. We will do our best to achieve our common goals set for the year 2015 and to make the European Coast Guard Functions Forum more important, better known and a stronger player in the European Union community and among all other actors and forums in the field of maritime security and safety.

The European Coast Guard Functions Forum has taken a great step forward during the Italian chairmanship and with the help and hard work of the secretariat. A good example of this development is a coming standing secretary representation (Staff of the ECGFF) in Brussels, named now according the statement of this forum.

In 2015, our most important goal will be to start and stabilize the work of the standing secretariat, and with an active work of this staff, strengthen the role of the ECGFF and Coast Guard functions in the European Union. We will also enhance maritime cooperation between organizations and more effectively drive forward our common themes in the European Union. Even if the forum is a non-binding organization, the Finnish Border Guard is fully committed to activating the role of the CG standing secretariat. I wish that you all are also deeply committed to this work, particularly the members of the Trio. Without this commitment, the work of the Staff will be very challenging.

The Staff of the European Coast Guard Forum will have a very busy and active year ahead, and it will play an important role in making the ECGFF well-known, organizing its work and stabilizing its position in EU functions and community. At this point I want to wish you strength and good luck with this important task.

The European Coast Guard Functions Forum is now five years old and has reached a prominent position among other international and European forums. Genuine thanks for that belong to all ECGFF countries, authorities, and specially, former presidency organizations. The work is not yet done and there is no potential to slow down. We still have many challenges and opportunities in our maritime and coastal areas. To solve these challenges and use this potential in the most effective way, we need to cooperate more closely together and with other organizations and countries.

As regards the development of this cooperation, I want to bring up one mission of our presidency year that we will undertake following the footsteps of our Italian friends. That is Coast Guard Academy Net Work study project which should be done by end of the year 2015. And as said yesterday to get the best possibly results from the project, I encourage whole ECGFF community to participate in and thereby provide a good basis for cooperation in the development of a concrete level.

Closely related with this is the principle of exchanging best practices that we will need to activate and enhance in the future. I thank you already for all support and your effort given for our common cause. Finally, the Finnish Border Guard will invite you all ECGFF members to build the future of the Coast Guard Functions Forum, continue active work for our common goals and also take part to work during 2014-2015. Dear friends and colleagues, I wish you all warmly welcome to Helsinki next year 22.-24. of September.


Lieutenant General

Chief of the Finnish Border Guard

Jaakko Kaukanen

at the 6th Plenary Conference, Italy

September 2014



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