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21th April 2015 Risk analysis has an important role in coast guard functions

European Coast Guard Functions Forum's "Risk Analysis Procedures" seminar gathered experts representing European coast guard authorities to exchange information and best practices on maritime risks and risk analysis practices in fields of maritime safety, security, and environment. The seminar gave a wide overview of risk analysis practices used in regional sea areas and on European Union level. It can be concluded that similar kind of maritime risks exist in Europe even though there are distinctions depending on country and conditions.

 The seminar was organized by the Finnish Border Guard, current Chair of the ECGFF, on 21st of April 2015 in Vantaa, Finland.

 Propositions were given for follow-up events and for further cooperation between risk analysis experts within the ECGFF. The seminar brought experts of risk analysis around one table for the first time in the ECGFF. In addition, the seminar contributes to implementation of the European Union Maritime Security Strategy's Action Plan.

More information and presentations here


21th May, The European Day for Border Guards (ED4BG), Warsaw

ED4Bg is an annual event organised by Frontex. It serves as a platform for the exchange of best practices and expertise as well as a forum for topical discussion.
Visibility and promotion action for ECGFF and ECGFA NET project; the joint exhibition stand with Finnish Border Guard.

28-29th May 2015 European Maritime Day

The European Maritime Day 2015 took place in Athens on the 28-29th of May. The theme of this annual event was: "Exploring the potential of ports and coasts for Maritime Growth." Organized by the European Commission in a different European country every year, this event aims at bringing together Europe’s maritime community to discuss some strategic issues. Ports and coasts development is at the core of the European Commission’s objective of Blue Growth Strategy and was therefore this year’s key topic of the Plenary sessions, workshops and matchmaking events.

This year was the 8th edition of the European Maritime Day Conference, organized in partnership with the City of Piraeus, the Port Authority of Piraeus, the Greek Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean. This event is celebrated every year around 20 May and aims at raising the visibility of Maritime Europe. The previous editions were held in Brussels (2008), Rome (2009), Gijón (2010), Gdansk (2011), Gothenburg (2012), Valetta (2013) and Bremen (2014). Next year, it will be organized by the city of Turku, Finland.

The European Maritime Day Conference hosted high-level sessions and stakeholder workshops attracting delegates and experts from across Europe and beyond.  Speakers, including Ministers, Commissioners, CEOs and experts, discussed the spectrum of opportunities and great challenges that our coasts and seas present, shared best practices, and developed new synergies.

European Coast Guard Functions Forum participated to his event presenting the Forum and European Coast Guard Functions Academy Network project (ECGFA NET) in joint stand in the exhibition area. The exhibition stand was run by representatives of Finnish Border Guard, ECGFF Brussels´office, Italian Coast Guard and Hellenic Coast Guard.

The Finnish Border Guard as Chair of ECGFF also acted as workshop coordinator. The title of workshop was Cooperation and information sharing for maritime and safety.  Workshop was organized with Laurea University of Applied Sciences and DNVGL company.  The workshop brought together experts of European co-operation on Cost Guarding in order to elaborate on strengthening and institutionalizing collaboration on EU level.


Three key messages of the Workshop

  • Cross sectorial cooperation at sea
  • Comprehensive approach and best practices
  • Common Information Sharing Environment and IT solutions for the shipping industry




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