OSC Course

On Scene Coordinator Course

In the frame of Finnish Chairmanship of the ECGFF we have a great pleasure to invite one maritime officer (ship master or mate) from each MS to participate to the On Scene Coordination course in Turku. The aim and purpose of the course: To exchange information, expertise and best practise in the field of maritime safety (search and rescue) by organizing OSC-course.

TIME: 3rd-7th of August 2015

VENUE: Aboa Mare, Maritime academy, Turku, Finland

PARTICIPANTS: 14 Maritime officers from Lithuania, Ireland, Denmark, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Malta

Materials available for members only (log-in required)

The basic purpose of the OSC- course is to assist different States and organizations in meeting their own SAR needs. Another focus during this course is to gather and share best practices and at the same time develop practical methods to upgrade responsibilities when the participant has been ordered to act as an OSC. Based on the content of the IAMSAR Manual Vol. III, the OSC- course intended to provide an introduction to the organization of a Maritime Search and Rescue in general, and train the functions and tasks of the OSC in specific.

Interview with an OSC-training participant Commander Frank Rogatty, German Federal Police (Nevstadt, Germany)

The course so far has been quite intense but good, very well organized course. Furthermore the trainers have very good knowledge on the subject in question so they know what they are doing.

I have travelled overseas multiple times. Coming here I was looking forward learning more about the OSC-training on an international level. Most air operations are carried out on an international level so the communication happens in English. In Germany you only learn things in German so it´s good to have more international experience. Also the international aspect is very current and important when we think about the situation in the Mediterranean. Germany has to be prepared to act on an international level in regards to the Mediterranean crisis. 

Lessons learned
Due to my professional experience I am already acquainted with most of the things we have been learning here. Nonetheless we have been given the opportunity to learn some specifics in regards to On Scene Coordination. It has also been very useful to revise the practices with the simulators because I did my sea course in Germany ten years ago.



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