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Family photo Chios 5th Plenary

Conclusions agreed by the participants at the 5th Plenary Conference of the Heads of Coast Guard Functions of the EU and associated Schengen countries.
Chios island, 13th September 2013.

The Conference noted

  • the work of the Hellenic Chair and 2012/2013 Secretariat in promoting the sustainabililty and increasing the visibility and the European awareness of the Forum
  • the objective of this Forum for substantialy contributing as appropriate to the formulation and implementation of EU maritime policies and legislation
  • that the challenging work of the authorities responsible for coast guard functions demands their commitment of cooperation and coordination, at national and European level within a context of responsibility and solidarity
  • that the achievement of the goals of the Forum depend on its financial sustainability in the medium and long term
  • that the Forum’s Secretariat provides substantial assistance to its works and should be further supported in order to increase its effectiveness and productivity
  • that the hard work for making this Forum a model of cooperation which will promote the exchange of information, expertise, best practices, operations and training and develop a coordinated and collective response to emerging and existing risks in the EU maritime domain shall be continued

The Heads confirmed

  • the “Key priorities of the ECGFF in view of the European Commission’s study on the feasibility of improved co-operation between Bodies carrying out European Coastguard Functions”; and their willingness to continue through the Chairmanship 2013-2014 and the Secretariat to further assist the European Commission and EU Agencies on the EUCG Feasibility Study
  • their support and further promotion of the Coast Guard Functions Academies, Institutions and Training Centres EU Network Project (ECGFA NET) and the designation of the ECGFF Secretariat as the steering committee for the implementation of the project, while the overall monitoring will be assigned to the ECGFF Plenary
  • the adoption of the “Joint Declaration of the Heads of the Coast Guard Functions of the EU and associated Schengen countries” aiming at the financial sustainability of the ECGFF and the identification of respective action – points;
  • their support to the Chair to maintain and manage the content of the official web site of the ECGFF, and their commitment to assist the Chair for enhancing and updating its content
  • the handover of the ECGFF Chair to the Italian Coast Guard
  • that the Italian Chair supported by the Secretariat will make every effort to:
    (i) further promote the objectives of the Forum, as set in the Terms of Reference
    (ii) undertake all the appropriate action to promote further the “Coast Guard Functions Academies, Institutions and Training Centres EU Network Project–ECGFA NET”, focusing on the proposed short term action and setting also the basis for the relevant long term actions
    (iii) work towards establishing a permanent Secretariat structure and prepare the necessary documentation for the approval of the next plenary.

The Conference expressed its appreciation to the out going Greek Chairmanship for its substantail contribution towards achieving progress on concrete working items supporting the overall objectives of the ECGFF in accordance to its terms of reference.

© Forum of the Heads of the Coast Guards
Functions of the European Union and
Schengen associated countries