Hellenic Coast Guards: Guardians of the External EU Maritime Borders and the Human Rights of Migrants

Dear colleagues,

I would like to take the opportunity of your collective presence to show you a video about the HCG's mission.

This 4 min. video encapsulates the daily routine of the HCG's staff assigned with the task to guard the external maritime borders of the European Union in its south-eastern maritime areas.

It also shows the efforts of the HCG's staff to cater for the basic needs of the third-country nationals upon their arrival and stay under the HCG's responsibility.

This video is attributed to those unknown heroes who, together with their colleagues from other EU Member States, are entrusted with the Security of Europe's external maritime borders in the Aegean Sea and safeguard the respect of the fundamental rights of the individuals (men, women, children, children to be born) attempting to cross it for a better future in a land which is not any more the "promise land".

Please enjoy viewing it!

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