Plenary Conference Conclusions

Conclusions and Achievements agreed by the participants at the 6thPlenary Conference of the Heads of Coast Guard Functions of the EU and associated Schengen Countries.

 Civitavecchia - M/V Costa Serena 23 September 2014

The Conference noted

-       the work of the Italian Chair and 2013/14 Secretariat in carrying out the mandate, accomplishing its objectives, further promoting the visibility and the awareness of the Forum while continually encouraging the involvement of the members;

-       the significant support of the EU Institutions and Agencies responsible for Coast Guard functions to the objectives of the Forum, confirmed through considerable acknowledgements and direct collaboration to make and develop shared and inter-operable common working methods gained through training, guidelines, best practise, etc;

-       the common commitment for increasing the awareness and the effectiveness of this Forum as means for  productive debate, dialogue, closer collaboration and cooperation among Authorities with Coast Guard functions;

-       the objective of this Forum for giving itself, according to its Terms of Reference, appropriate procedures and  rules to enhance the level of the cooperation even through the establishment of a joint standing coordinating staff of the Secretariat within a context of responsibility and solidarity;

-       the need to further promote initiatives for the sustainability to improve opportunities for cooperation;

-       their confirmed support and further promotion of the Coast Guard functions Academies, Institutions and Training Centres EU Network Project (ECGFA NET)  and to the designation of the ECGFF Secretariat as the steering committee for the implementation of the project and the assignment of the overall monitoring to the ECGFF Plenary;

-       the need to promote a joint assessment on the deliverables of the feasibility study mandated by the European Commission on the improved cooperation of Coast Guard functions evaluating how resources and assets can be shared more effectively and existing regional cooperation further developed  in broader operational initiatives;

-       their confirmed  support to appropriate contribution through common analysis to formulate and implement EU maritime policies and legislation;


-       that enhancing a maritime good governance at sea and the blue growth depend  on Coast Guard functions and their cooperation across borders and sectors.

The Heads confirmed

-       the adoption of the “Joint Declaration of the Heads on the European Coast Guard Functions Academies, Institutions and Training Centres EU  Network Project” and its annexes;

-       the approval of the Statement describing the functions of the European Coast Guard Functions Forum Standing Secretariat Representation in Brussels;

-       the Amendments to the Terms of Reference of the Forum;

-       the common  proposal to support a mandate to be added to the forthcoming Action Plan of the European Union Maritime Security Strategy for enabling the Heads of this Forum to agree on a text  to suitably arrange the functioning of the Permanent Secretariat according to the Forum needs;

-       the Crest of the Forum;

-       the handover of the ECGFF Chair to the Finnish Border Guard;

-       that the Finnish Chair supported by the Secretariat will make every effort to further promote the objectives of the Forum, as set in the Joint Declaration, in the Statement and in the Terms of Reference, as approved by the  6th Plenary Conference;


The Conference expressed its appreciation to the outgoing Italian Chairmanship for its substantial contribution towards achieving progress on concrete working items supporting the overall objectives of the ECGFF in accordance to its Terms of Reference.

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