1st ECGFF Training Workshop Portugal

Workshop on Coast Guard Functions: Safety at Sea

The Portuguese Chairmanship of the ECGFF thanks to EMSA their host in this workshop and to Frontex, who financed the traveling and the lodging of the participants.

One word of grateful to all participants, presenters and moderators for the very interesting insights, notes and presentations that have enriched this workshop.

During the morning, the workshop contemplated a panel about Maritime Pollution and other about Search and Rescue at Sea, both under the theme “Authorities, powers and capabilities in the Safety Domain at Sea”.

In the first panel we had the Portuguese and Spanish national perspectives on how to tackle the maritime pollution problem, and, after, the EMSA capabilities to support the national agencies in their counter pollution at sea tasks.

In the second panel of this theme we heard the testimony and experience of the Italian Coast Guard in Search and Rescue Operations related to the illegal immigration problem in the Mediterranean Sea. The Portuguese Navy presented is SAR System, very effective in the resolution of SAR events in a very distinct environment: the Atlantic. After that, EMSA gave again a glimpse of its contribution to SAR operations by the Integrated Maritime Services.

In the afternoon, under the theme “European cooperation and collaboration on Coast Guard Functions Safety related” we started by looking at situational Awareness on Coast Guard Functions, with presentations by the Portuguese Navy and by the Portuguese National Republican Guard on their perspectives about this issue, the presentation by EMSA about its brand-new RPAS services, that can contribute for a better common Operational Picture, and finally a perspective on the challenges that Multiagency Multipurpose Operations pose regarding Situational Awareness demands.

Finally, in the panel about Multiagency Multipurpose Operations we discussed the ECGFF perspective about this kind of operations, we looked to the importance of projects like the development of a Qualification Framework for Coast Guard Functions as facilitators, in the future, of this kind of operations, and we had a short presentation of the purposes and planning methodology of the MMO Exercise: Coastex17.

The Portuguese Chairmanship believes that is was a very fruitful workshop, discussing the safety aspects of the Coast Guard Functions and its contributions for a framework of the Multiagency Multipurpose Operations that we would like to test and demonstrate during the COASTEX17 in next MAY.

The next workshop will be about Border Control and Illegal Migration and is going to be held in February at Frontex premises, in Warsaw, and the ECGFF Chairmanship would like to see all members and relevant stakeholders participating in this event.


The presentations of the Workshop will be available in the ECGFF website as soon as possible.

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