Conclusions and way ahead

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The Conference took place in Mijas (Málaga) 7-8 April 2010. During the conference the participants discussed different issues related to maritime domain.

Participants of the Conference support the following conclusions by respecting national responsabilities:


  • Protection of human lives and respect of fundamental human rights are the key elements when acting at sea
  • Generic Coast Guard functions are as follows: border control, fisheries control, maritime safety, maritime security, vessel traffic management, accident and disaster response, maritime pollution response, law enforcement, search and rescue and maritime surveillance. All Coast Guard activities must be considered in their entirety
  • Invite MS/SAC to mobilize and coordinate all their available resources to ensure more effective control at sea for the above mentioned duties
  • The conference recommends the MS/SAC that EPN could be further strengthened as a platform for the MS/SAC authorities involved in maritime border control and to encourage information sharing and cooperation with the EUROSUR project, in order to combat illegal migration and trafficking in human beings and to reduce the threats to the internal security, public policy, public health and international relations of the MS/SAC
  • The conference also recommends the MS/SAC to continue developing the idea of establishing an integrated approach to maritime surveillance through a common information sharing environment; future development, conclusions and possible means of coordination may be communicated to the EU
  • A final recommendation would be to increase the participation of all the Institutions involved in Coast Guard duties and tasks in Joint Sea Operations organized by Frontex and CFCA

Conference related

  • The Secretariat shall have its next meeting within the next three months period. At this meeting a proposal for the vision and purposes of the conference should be drafted and then submitted to the MS/SAC for comments. A final proposal should then be drafted by the secretariat and decided upon at the next conference. Furthermore, during this meeting, the membership modifications and tasks of the Secretariat should be drafted and instructions given on how the future conferences should be organized
  • Other issues that should be discussed in the agenda of the next Secretariat meeting are:
    • o who and for which period should hold the chairmanship
    • o Portugal and Sweden express their interest in being the hosts of the next Conference
    • o procedures for obtaining the budget for the Conference should be established
  • Frontex, EMSA and CFCA should further consider the possibility to support, with human resources, technical equipments and/or financial contribution, the performance of the conference within their mandate
  • Third countries could be approached and invited to participate on the basis to be decided for future Conferences

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