Conclusions and achievements decided at the 3rd Conference for Heads of Coast Guards of the European Union Member States

Sweden, ECGFF Family Photo

Malmo, September 5-7, 2011

  • The participants agreed that this Conference may be a useful forum to offer operational expertiise to policymakers and further develop Coast Guard Functions and cooperation among member states.
  • The Conference took note of that some participants will be prepared to discuss the format and rationale for the development of a permanent core Conference Secretariat.
  • Heads of Member State agencies expressed wishes that. the Commission and EU bodies should coordinate their initiatives in the maritime domain.
  • The Conference noted that "Operational Coastguarding" needs a common information sharing environment to function well.
  • The Conference noted the importance of recognising the good work being done in regional cooperation formations and recognised the imp0l1ance to share best practises.
  • The Conference appreciated that the Feasiability Study planned to be launched by the European Commission may serve as a tool to identify member states needs and identify areas for development in the maritime field that will fu11her promote common Coast Guard functions.
  • A first document on Terms of Reference for the conference, valid to the next conference, was signed by the chairman. This document will serve as a start for further development.

Next Conference

The Irish Coast Guard will plan and host the 2012 conference in Dublin

Next Year Secretariat (so far)

  • Irish Coast Guard (chair)
  • Swedish Coast Guard
  • Finnish Border Guard
  • Italian Coast Guard
  • German Federal Police
  • Hellenic Coast Guard
  • France (tbc)
  • CFCA
  • EMSA
  • Frontex

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