Rear Admiral (LH) Damir Dojkić and Rear Admiral (LH) Milan Blažević
Rear Admiral (LH) Damir Dojkić, Chairman of the ECGFF, and Rear Admiral Milan Blažević, Head of the Croatian ECGFF Project Office
Rear Admiral (LH) Damir Dojkić, Mr. Šime Mršić, Mrs. Susan Steele and Mrs. Lena Andersson Pench
Rear Admiral (LH) Damir Dojkić, Mr. Šime Mršić, Mrs. Susan Steele and Mrs. Lena Andersson Pench

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia together with the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) organized the workshop on “Modern technologies in the Fisheries control system” on 24 and 25 November 2021. This is the first of three workshops to be organized as part of Croatian chairmanship of the European Coast Guard Forum (ECGFF). Initially, the workshop was to be organized in Šibenik, Croatia. However, due to situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the two-day workshop was eventually conducted via videoconferencing.

At the beginning of the workshop, participants were addressed by:

  • the Chairman of the ECGFF, Rear Admiral (LH) Damir Dojkić, Chief of Staff – Deputy Commander of the Croatian Navy
  • Mr. Šime Mršić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia
  • Mrs. Susan Steele, Executive Director of the EFCA and
  • Mrs. Lena Andersson Pench, Director, Fisheries Policy Mediterranean and Black Sea (MARE.D), Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission.

Main topic during the first day of the workshop was Monitoring and Surveillance Technologies. Experts from the European agencies EFCA, EMSA, FRONTEX, the Kingdom of Denmark, French Republic, and the Republic of Croatia gave presentations on the following topics:

  • Modern technologies in the Fisheries control system – by Mr. Rafael Duarte, Head of Sector for Inter-agency Cooperation, EFCA
  • Maritime analysis for Fisheries control: Exploiting Technology and inter-Agency Cooperation – by Mr. Fionn Molloy, Deputy Head of Unit, Simplification, Digital services, and Simplification, EMSA
  • EUROSUR FUSION SERVICES Supporting maritime Domain – by Mr. Marek Majcher, Service Manager information Fusion Centre, situation awareness and Monitoring Division, FRONTEX
  • UAV in Croatia for Fisheries control – by Mr. Elvis Božić, Staff Sergeant, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia
  • Remote electronic monitoring (REM) – by Mr. Miguel Nuevo, Head of Sector, JDPs and Regional Cooperation, EFCA and Mr. Kristian Schreiber Put-Hansen, Danish Fisheries Agency, Denmark
  • Non-Cooperative detection technologies in the Fisheries control operational framework – by Mr. Sven Tahon, specialist officer control Technologies, EFCA, and Mrs. Marie Valin, Chef du service des systèmes d’ information Pêche, France.

Main topic during the final day of the workshop was “Data analysis and information gathering systems and technologies”. Following presentations on this topic were given by representatives of the EFCA, European Space Agency, the Italian Republic and the Republic of Croatia:

  • Developments under the ESA Programme EO Security of potential interest for fisheries control – by Mrs. Michela Corvino, EO Security Applications Engineer, European Space Agency
  • Authentication of positions of vessels and other recent projects – by Prof. Dr. Manuel Lopez Martinez, Senior Technology Officer, European Union Agency for the Space Programme
  • Automatic Behaviour Monitoring in support of fisheries control operations – by Mrs. Maria Jose Cornax, Administrator Operations Mediterranean and the Black Sea, EFCA
  • Application of the ABMs in Italy – by Commander Alessio Morelli, Italian Coast Guard
  • Application of the ABMs in Croatia – by Mr. Damir Grgić, Head of FMC department, Ministry of Agriculture, Croatia.