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The European Coast Guard Functions Forum is a self-governing, non-binding, voluntary, independent and non-political forum whose membership includes the Heads of the Coast Guard Functions or equivalents of each European Union maritime nation and associated Schengen countries, the European Commission and its Institutions and Agencies with related competencies in Coast Guard Functions.

The overall aim of the Forum is to study, contribute to and promote understanding and development of maritime issues of importance and of common interest related to Coast Guard Functions across borders and sectors, both civil and military, and to contribute to progress in the various CGF activities.

Coast Guard Functional activities

Coast Guard Functional activities are mainly defined for the purpose of the Forum and in no order of priority as:

  1. maritime safety, including vessel traffic management
  2. maritime, ship and port security
  3. maritime customs activities
  4. the prevention and suppression of trafficking and smuggling and connected maritime law enforcement
  5. maritime border control
  6. maritime monitoring and surveillance
  7. maritime environmental protection and response
  8. maritime search and rescue
  9. ship casualty and maritime assistance service
  10. maritime accident and disaster response
  11. fisheries inspection and control and
  12. activities related to the above Coast Guard Functions


With the general aim of improving the development of CGF's across borders and sectors, the Forum has the following objectives

  1. To build and maintain a network of Heads of National authorities for Coast Guard Functions and designated Officers from EU Institutions, Agencies and Directorates with related competencies in CGFs
  2. To agree Rules and Procedures for the Plenary Conference, Secretariat and any working groups including matters relating to funding
  3. To assist in the development of common operational procedures and standards in line with prescribed international norms, reinforce synergies and improved operational preparedness, cooperation and response across borders and sectors
  4. To consider the possibilities of promoting trust, burden sharing, asset sharing and enhanced regional cooperation
  5. To establish a standing forum promoting the exchange of information, expertise, technical assistance, best practice, training, exercises and education
  6. To provide relevant recommendations, advice and joint submissions as appropriate
  7. To act as a shared advice source on operational 'coast guarding' to others including the EU Institutions
  8. To consider, discuss and where possible develop a common understanding of operational challenges and emerging risks in the maritime domain of EU States
  9. To develop over time and as appropriate a coordinated and collective response through cooperation and agreement to emerging and existing risks in the EU maritime domain and
  10. To monitor on-going development in the maritime domain that may have an impact on Coast Guard Functions

To establish and maintain contacts, within the frame of common objectives, with relevant institutions and organizations at the international and/or European level