The general objective of the ECGFA NET projects is to enhance educational cooperation in the field of coast guard functions (CGF) and, consequently, to facilitate the interoperability and cooperation amongst different bodies carrying out coast guard functions in order to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of CGF activities.

ECGFA NET I Project Summary

The EU funded 14 month-long European Coast Guard Functions Academy Network Project (ECGFA NET) was completed in February of 2016, taking EU’s maritime training cooperation an important step forward. A new cooperation framework was launched: European Coast Guard Functions Training Network (ECGF Training Network). This Network can be joined by those training institutes that offer training in coast guard functions and operate in the member countries of the European Coast Guard Functions Forum. The Network will increase the visibility of the various coast guard functions related agencies and educational institutions, contributing positively to the exchange of information and best practices via networking. ECGF Training Network will create a solid foundation for maritime collaboration in the sphere of European training and security.

Achieved results

  • European Coast Guard Functions Training Network Established (ECGF Training Network)
  • European Coast Guard Functions Training Portal (ECGF Training Portal) constructed and launched
  • Basic elements and minimum requirements for a Sectorial Qualifications Framework for Coast Guard Functions (CGFSQF) identified; Recommendations for next steps in defining the CGFSQF developed.
  • Recommendations on European Coast Guard Functions Student and Expert Exchange Developed
  • Recommendations on Coast Guard Functions training for EU and third countries developed

ECGFA NET II Project Summary

The ECGFA NET II project is direct continuation for the European Coast Guard Functions Academy Network Project implemented in 01/2015-02/2016, and designed to ensure that the results of the ECGFA NET are sustainable.

The first of the specific objectives of the project is to provide support for the European Coast Guard Functions Training Network (ECGF Training Network) and the ECGF Training Portal during their start-up phase in order to increase the number of members and to enable the Network to function in an active and autonomous manner, taking ownership on the Network, its activities and future development. In order to meet this objective, the project facilitates the activities of the Governing Board (i.e. through organisation of board meetings, drafting of working documents, establishment of the Secretariat), actively advocates the membership of the Network and the use of the ECGF Training Portal (i.e. through contacting of stakeholders, participation at stakeholder events and use of media) and runs the ECGF Training Portal (i.e. through technical maintenance and by functioning as the Portal Coordinator).

The second specific objective is to launch a pilot ECGF Expert Exchange Programme in order to increase the sharing of knowledge and skills in the CGF sector and to assess the future needs of the Exchange Programme. To meet the second objective, the project runs and facilitates a pilot exchange programme for ca. 20 exchangees for the duration of five working days per exchange. ECGF Training Portal will be used as the main platform and tool to assist with the coordination. Exchange programme consists of a total of eight steps, starting with the calls for the Hosts and nominations of Exchangees, as well as with the matching and selection process and preparations for the exchange. The actual exchange period is followed by a cascading step, where the Exchangee shares the newly gained knowledge and experience i.e. with ones colleagues, as well as by a feedback step, where both the Hosts and Exchangees will report on how the objectives were met. As a last step, those Exchangees who fulfilled their obligations will be awarded with certificates. By the end of the project, the overall results and development needs for the future running of the Exchange Programme will be assessed, and there will be prepared an assessment report along with recommendations.

The third specific objective is to advance the development of the Coast Guard Functions Sectorial Qualifications Framework (CGFSQF) by drafting the final structure of the CGFSQF and by completing stages 2 and 3 out of a total of 7 in the CGFSQF development process. Development of the CGFSQF is a multi-year process where the end goal of the CGFSQF is to function as a set of common standards for CGF education to assure quality of training and teaching and to be applied on a voluntary basis. In order to reach this third specific objective, the proposed project starts with the identification of a SQF working group and of different stakeholders at national and international levels, and with the defining of a working plan for the development of the CGFSQF. These are followed with activities such as the mapping of different qualifications, identification of the number of levels, drafting of the learning outcomes and as a last step – drafting of the CGFSQF final structure.

 Contact information 

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