The Member State responsible for chairmanship for the next conference is agreed and appointed at the closing of each annual ECGFF conference. Member States willing to chair and host future conferences should indicate this to the chairman a reasonable period in advance of the conference.

Consideration should be given to European sea basin rotation and harmonising the Chair with other Coast Guard forums' rotations in the selection of successive chairs. The Member State responsible for the chairmanship Secretariat chairs the forthcoming conference. The Chair shall prepare conclusions from the conference.


PORTUGAL 2016/2017
Commodore Simões Marques

Portuguese Navy


Mr. Richard Parkes
 Maritime and Coastguard Agency

FINLAND 2014/2015
Mr. Jaakko Kaukanen
Finnish Border Guard






ITALY 2013/2014
Mr. Felicio Angrisano
Italian Coast Guard

GREECE 2012/2013
Mr. Dimitros P. Bantias
Hellenic Coast Guard

IRELAND 2011/2012
Mr. Chris Reynolds
Irish Coast Guard





SWEDEN 2010/2011
Mrs. Judit Melin
Swedish Coast Guard

SPAIN 2009/2010

Mr. Ikka Laitinen
Executive Director of Frontex